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Exceptional Service

Our clients are treated like family. We are not too big to provide each of our clients with a one-on-one customer experience. We never take our clients for granted and strive to provide outstanding customer service. We treat each property as if we live there and each resident with respect. We are a different kind of company, small by choice with customer service as our priority.


"  During the COVID-19 crisis, I didn't expect my property manager to deliver me eggs ! But without asking, HE DID ! Our manager not only considers us as clients, but also as family. Recently there was an unfortunate passing of an resident within our communty. Our manager took the time and effort to attend the service and expressed his condolences. If you prefer to be treated like family by a company that truly cares, Condo Realty is there for you. When times are tough, they step up to the plate. We are blessed to have them as our managers.  "
Donna Johnson, Ellington CT